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Order pizza from the commandline with pizza_party script! Yes this is REAL!

This is cool! It’s a command line tool for linux/unix that allows you to order a pizza from the command prompt… Only problem is that in the UK we don’t have that many dominos pizza shops and the closest is … Continue reading

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Microsoft found guilty of IP infringement: How ironic

Just been browsing around the ‘net, thinking about the balmy ballmer situation that I blogged about a day or two ago, and then stumbled on this info: Microsoft hit with $1.9B patent verdict.. (Here’s more) Seems Microsoft have been a … Continue reading

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British teen makes biodiesel on $20,000 worth of equipment in dad’s barn

An article about a 15 year old teenager making biodiesel in his barn. Although this kid should be aplauded for his newly acquired skills, articles like this always make me wonder. I mean – what use does a 15 year … Continue reading

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Geocaching: Choosing the right GPS

I’ve been geocaching for about 1 year now, and in that time we’ve tried a variety of GPS equipment. I thought I’d put together a quick run-down, so that if others are in a similar situation they might find it … Continue reading

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I noticed a couple of days ago that a site I regularly use, has been taken down. I thought it was probably just a temporary thing whilst the owners got their account in good order with their ISP or … Continue reading

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NAS server with built in bittorrent

WOW! This device is cool! It’s a NAS server that you shove whatever SATA drives you want in there, but the cool thing is that on top of being a NAS drive it’s got a bit-torrent client running – so … Continue reading

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The Complete Guide To Optimising Windows XP

From digg: Guide is split into 3 sections – Beginners, Intermediate and Expert. Updated summary of 3 popular guides that each made it onto the Digg homepage. I say: Install ubuntu… No really, this guide is really useful for a … Continue reading

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Web Developers: 13 Command Line Tricks You Might Not Know

From digg: A list of 13 (*nix) command line tricks I’ve found to be very useful in web development that a surprising number of web developers don’t know about. I say: These are quite useful, but you’d have to be … Continue reading

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A futuristic home for $32,000 – the micro compact home

From digg: It’s only in Europe at the moment, but coming to the US soon. For €25k you can have a living cube with sleek minimalist design with a tiny footprint. GREAT!! Lets all live in tiny small boxes! As … Continue reading

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I won’t be happy until I lose my legs

From the Guardian online today: Susan Smith; I have long known that if I want to get on with my life I need to remove both legs. What a sick-sick world we live in today. People are dying out there, … Continue reading

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