JailBreakMe.com blocked on 3 UK cell/mobile network

I often browse IT security forums to keep up-to-date with the latest hacks and methods of circumventing various locks and blocks on hardware. Even though I don’t have an Apple iPhone, when I heard about jailbreakme.com I decided to have a quick browse of their site to see if there was any mention of how they circumvented the Apple security.

I was out at the time, so used my 3G connection (on my N900) to visit the site – and was shocked to see that jailbreakme.com was blocked on my network connection. I wondered if the site was down – so when I got home I visited the site via wifi. It worked fine!

I’ve visited the site by various other network connections I have available to me – and it definitely seems like 3 UK are actively blocking just this URL – whilst all the others are fine… Shame on you 3! What are you going to block next – your competitors?

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