Random Skype IMs from my past popping up!

I recently moved abroad, and to keep up with family etc I’ve taken to using skype a lot. It’s worked really well and I think I talk more to my family then I ever did when I was at home.

Anyway – I’ve recently noticed a weird phenomena, which is basically that I’m sat at my PC doing my work and suddenly an IM will pop up on the screen – but it will be part of a conversation I had a week ago. At first I replied to the message thinking the message had just come through but then I realised that if I get a random message I can check it out by scrolling through my chat history and checking if anything has come in for the last 5 minutes or whatever.

However! These random messages can be really annoying and a bit odd!!

To fix the problem – I’ve been trying to figure out whether I can purge previous skype IM conversations – but you don’t seem to be able to do that, you can ‘hide’ conversations but you don’t seem to actually be able to delete them completely.

Anyone have the same problem and/or advice for how they fixed it?! It’s driving me nuts!

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