Grandstream HT286 firmware issues

I’ve had a grandstream HT286 for a while – and I’ve recently been having a problem with a couple of voip services – the phone has cut out mid-conversation etc. I decided it was likely due to the firmware version and thought it time I upgrade.

The firmware was v1.0.5.9 with a version string of;

Software Version: Program– Bootloader– HTML– VOC–

Unfortunately I tried a number of different auto-update servers over TFTP – but none worked correctly.. I was stumped! :(

I searched the web and found a really good site with an archive of the different versions of the firmware – the site is;

What I didn’t realise – and I sort of stumbled across this – is that these devices need to upgraded through the majority of the versions to work correctly; you can’t just jump from v1.0.5.9 to v1.0.7.19… The old firmware asks for the wrong filenames over HTTP etc.

Anyway – to cut a long story short – the way to fix it is to find out which firmware you have, grab a copy from the above website, shove it on a apache server and point the device to look at that server. You can then iterate up the device firmware versions until you get to the last one you want!

Hope that helps others with the same problem I had!

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