Setting up an IP webcam with ibaby

A number of people have asked how I setup a low-price IP webcam to use as a baby monitor, so I thought I’d put together this short guide to show how to get it connected etc.

What you will need

  • The camera – cost about £35 from amazon
  • A Cat5 network cable (comes with camera)
  • Camera power cable (comes with camera)
  • Wifi antenna for camera (comes with camera)
  • An i-device (eg. iphone/ipad etc)
  • Your wifi password

Here’s a photo of all the bits;

Here’s a photo of an example of where to find your wifi password (marked in red) – it will probably be a different router that you have.

You wont need a PC.

Step 1 – Connect the cables

  • Connect the network cable to the back of the camera
  • Connect the power cable to the back of the camera
  • Connect the wifi antenna to the back of the connect (it screws on)

Step 2 – Connect the network cable to the router

Plug the network cable into a spare port on your router – it just clicks into a spare network port on the back.

Step 3 – Plug the camera into the mains

Step 4 – Download the ibaby app on your iphone

Go into the appstore and search for ibaby. Click install.

Step 5 – Go into the ibaby app

Make sure your phone is connected to WIFI and not just 3G – you can tell this by looking in the top corner of your screen;

3G looks like this

You wont be able to connect if you are on 3G

Wifi looks like this

This is correct, you are connected to your wifi.

Ibaby app

Open the ibaby app – and you will see something like this (if not click ‘Setup’ in the bottom left corner);

Step 6 – Configure the camera

Click Camera Wi-Fi Settings, it will list the wifi networks it finds;

Choose your network from the list – and then type in your wifi password that you found above.

Step 6a – Enter your wifi password

The camera should now restart. At this point you should unplug your network cable, leaving just the power cable and the wifi antenna connected to the device.

Step 7 – Use the camera

Once you’ve done this – you should be able to use the “View” button at the top of the screen to view the camera – and/or rotate your iphone to get a better view. You should also be able to swipe across the screen to move the camera up/down or left/right. You can click “Audio” at the bottom to hear the audio from the room, and press+hold the button to speak back (if your camera comes with a built in speaker – if not you can attach one in using a normal 3.5mm jack and still use the speak-back function).

Step 8 – Accessing from outside your home

(Will complete this soon)

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